Aptitude Diagnostics

Winning the war for leadership talent in the intensely competitive, rapidly shifting global Life Sciences sector depends, first and foremost, upon the ability to identify the best qualified candidates—and then successfully recruit them for key management positions.

At RSVP GROUP, the premier executive search firm specializing in serving Life Sciences corporations around the globe, we bring to each client relationship the expertise, experience, and strategic talent insights necessary to make this happen.

For us, the success of every search engagement depends upon our commitment to Aptitude Diagnostics.  Our global consultants develop a strong roster of suitable candidates for each client through a multifaceted process that includes:

  • Development of competency models and role profiles
  • Design and implementation of an engagement-customized assessment center
  • Use of a variety of personality tests, customized as relevant for the specific position(s) in need of top talent
  • Preparation of highly detailed and insightful appraisals for the top management candidates
  • Company or divisional assessment and development of a cultural analysis platform
  • Interview training for any hiring manager involved in the search process

From the client’s perspective, the RSVP GROUP Aptitude Diagnostics process yields numerous benefits.  Our highly detailed candidate assessments facilitate determination of the best fit in terms of skills, personality, and corporate culture.  It’s all part of our commitment to help our clients avoid costly under-hires or over-hires.

To learn more about how RSVP GROUP’s comprehensive Business Leadership Services, and its expertise in strategic Talent Development, can help Life Science and Chemical corporations achieve their executive recruitment, retention, and development goals, please contact our specialists: Martin Scholl: martin.scholl@rsvpgroup.com, or Ulrike Mészáros: ulrike.meszaros@rsvpgroup.com.