Board Services

There may be no greater strategic talent imperative for global Life Sciences corporations than that of creating and maintaining world-class boards. The bar has never been higher; the rewards of boardroom excellence never greater. But for those corporations hampered by ‘me-too’ boards, the cost of mediocrity will be punishing.

In order for a board to truly achieve high impact in today’s intensely competitive, highly regulated, quicksilver Life Sciences sector, directors must contribute leadership vision and experience, cross-cultural and multinational backgrounds, sophisticated business savvy, intellectual gravitas, and diversity of expertise, perspective, gender, and ethnicity.

At RSVP GROUP, we recognize that building the right boardroom mix is both an art and a science. There’s no simple formula for success. Yet for our deeply experienced team of consultants and their global clients, failure is simply not an option.

The best candidates for today’s boards might include medical doctors or research scientists who also hold MBA degrees and have held senior roles in corporations, management consultancies, or investor-owned portfolio companies. Strong candidates may be business leaders who have successfully navigated global expansions, mergers or acquisitions, IPOs, or corporate turnarounds. The best candidate for a seat at the table might be a global leader in digital marketing or a strategically minded CHRO.

The right mix of men and women serving as Life Sciences directors will likely include some mixture of CEOs, CFOs, R&D executives, Chief Marketing or Digital Officers, CHROs, or CIOs. Whatever their specific backgrounds, strong directors will be innovative thinkers, great communicators, the most adept of business strategists, and results-driven competitors.

At RSVP GROUP, our consultants are experts at helping each client build the right, high-performing board for its circumstances, matching candidate profiles with the company’s current and longer-term opportunities and challenges.

Our firm’s competitive edge starts with our proven ability to conduct in-depth and insightful boardroom assessments, evaluating each corporation’s strategic talent needs and current director strengths. Working hand-in-hand with client management teams, we conduct multinational, cross-cultural searches to identify and successfully recruit strong director candidates.

As the preeminent executive search and business leadership advisory firm specializing in the global Life Sciences sector, what we bring to the table is our extensive global experience in boardroom search and assessment services. RSVP GROUP has worked successfully across regions and Life Sciences industries with companies ranging from large, publicly traded corporations to startups and portfolio companies owned by venture capital and private equity firms.

Every director’s seat matters. RSVP GROUP looks forward to working with your company to identify and successfully recruit strong, diverse, and proven leaders to join your board.