Miriam Kessler

miriam-kesslerMiriam Kessler holds a Master’s Degree in International Business/Intercultural Management from the Universities of Passau, Germany, London, UK and Nancy, France and with this laid the foundation for her international career. Before joining RSVP GROUP as Junior Consultant in 2003, she acquired professional experience at the Commerzbank in London, where she held a post in the credit risk management department.

As Principal for RSVP GROUP, she heads our Frankfurt Office and specializes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical sectors. She manages client relationships and is responsible for the acquisition and implementation of search projects at all levels, from top management positions to highly specialized posts focusing on the areas of research and development, marketing and sales and production.

Miriam concentrates on international searches in Europe and the US, although she continues to supervise selected projects on a national level.  Within the course of her tenure at RSVP GROUP, she spent some time in the New York office where she contributed significantly to building up new practice groups, e.g. a division for handling specialized recruiting assignments, and the evaluation and implementation of personality analysis tools.

Please contact Miriam at: miriam.kessler@rsvpgroup.com or +49 (611) 33 55 99-723