Nicola Fiedler

fiedler-nicolaDr. Nicola Fiedler, Principal, holds a doctorate degree in biology.  She is a proven expert in the field of molecular biology / biotechnology and makes a significant contribution to RSVP GROUP ’s know-how in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical-technological sectors.

Her activities focus on handling international clients and projects, covering the entire spectrum of functions, from top management posts to specialist positions in the fields of research and development, marketing, sales, and production.

She acquired relevant industry experience before joining RSVP GROUP as a consultant in 2005, working as a product specialist and sales representative in the customer services department for Caliper Life Sciences GmbH. Caliper manufactures automation components and analysis devices for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including those used to identify pharmaceutical leads and to carry out quality control procedures in the production of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Her deep interest in science led her to study biology at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, where she obtained a doctorate degree at the Institute for Medical Virology.

Please contact Nicola at: or + 49 (611) 33 55 99 730