On-Boarding Services

Popular wisdom has it that the first 100 days on the job will make all the difference between a new executive’s success and failure.

But for new hires at Life Sciences organizations, the timetable and pressures are even more intense.  That’s why our global team at RSVP GROUP works closely with our clients to provide sector-specific onboarding services that will help ensure successful integration of recent hires.

For our clients, this customized onboarding support starts with the development of position-specific training plans, and identification of those adaptation practices best suited for the company and/or the divisional culture.  We provide 1:1 coaching about role expectations, development targets, and positive strategies that promote social inclusion.

Our team will stay in touch with the new hire and client engagement managers through the first 60 days of employment—and, importantly, we will start providing our onboarding support services prior to Day One.  In our extensive experience with Life Sciences executive search and business leadership strategies, we have found that pre-start-date communications help jump-start the process of successful integration.

This comprehensive program provides significant value-add for our clients, including:

  • Quicker ramp up/time-to-productivity when key professionals are added to the management team
  • Better preparation for new employees prior to the start of their training
  • Increased motivation and better performance by new employees
  • A faster path to partnership between new hires, their colleagues, and the corporation as a whole
  • A stronger employer brand and healthier bottom line

To learn more about how RSVP GROUP’s comprehensive Business Leadership Services, and its expertise in strategic Talent Development, can help Life Science and Chemical corporations achieve their executive recruitment, retention, and development goals, please contact our specialists: Martin Scholl: martin.scholl@rsvpgroup.com, or Ulrike Mészáros: ulrike.meszaros@rsvpgroup.com.