Talent / Diversity Talent Mapping

At RSVP GROUP, our Enhanced Executive Search services include Talent Mapping and Diversity Talent Mapping. These insightful talent “maps” provide our clients with competitive intelligence research into a wide range of professionals with the skills, experience, diversity, and other factors that deliver target results for Life Sciences corporations.

As specialists in the Life Sciences sector, our global consultants have access to an exceptional, worldwide network of highly credentialed candidates for executive and board director positions. When we perform Talent Mapping and Diversity Talent Mapping services for our clients, it is an important initial step in developing a customized list of professionals who may be appropriate for consideration when key positions become available.

We recognize that success in today’s and tomorrow’s highly competitive Life Sciences sector depends upon a corporation’s ability to recruit and retain high-performing executive teams and boards of directors that represent a diversity of skills, backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, and strategic perspective. RSVP GROUP’s Talent and Diversity Talent Mapping process provide our clients with an invaluable insider’s edge, thanks to our multinational, cross-cultural talent insights and access to high-caliber professionals.

Our Talent Maps include a range of professionals, with information about their roles, companies, locations, some social network links, news coverage, and an update about their career status. Significantly, we also provide competitive mapping, including details about how the position that is the target of the search is handled elsewhere in the industry.