Team Potential Diagnostics

One of the many ways that RSVP GROUP helps clients achieve their strategic talent objectives is by providing targeted treatment and monitoring of essential staff development fields.  Our Team Potential Diagnostics Service is a key element in our comprehensive approach to Business Leadership Services.

RSVP GROUP’s team analysis process is customized to maximize success within each corporation’s unique culture and specific Life Sciences industry.  Our Team Potential Diagnostics plan will include personality testing and competency models to identify strengths and possible causes of deficits within the team.

Our expert consultants will also benchmark potential resources in the employee pool and provide post-analysis team coaching to address outstanding issues and opportunities.  By partnering with corporate clients to provide close analysis of their small and large teams, we can together take important steps in the development of organizational resilience.

Here at RSVP GROUP, we recognize that it’s not simply enough to identify and recruit strong candidates to fill key positions.  Our goal is to help our clients optimize each team member’s role and to create the levels of rapport necessary in order to thrive and succeed in today’s—and tomorrow’s—challenging and rewarding global Life Sciences sector.

To learn more about how RSVP GROUP’s comprehensive Business Leadership Services, and its expertise in strategic Talent Development, can help Life Science and Chemical corporations achieve their executive recruitment, retention, and development goals, please contact our specialists: Martin Scholl:, or Ulrike Mészáros: