27. June 2022

RSVP GROUP named one of the top executive search firms in 2022

RSVP once again recognised as one of the Top Exceutive Search Companies in 2022 by Handelsblatt. The Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI), in cooperation with The IQ Company and PressRelations, identified a selection of small, medium-sized and large internationally active recruitment consultancies. The resulting peer group of more than 15,500 employees from 2,800 executive search firms had the opportunity to name the most renowned executive search firms and recommend them for industries, functions, levels and salary grades. In addition, around 25,000 executives and HR managers were asked about their experiences with recruitment consultancies. From the weighted votes of the peer group and the decision-makers, 40 Handelsblatt Top Personnel Consultancies 2022 were identified. In addition to the most renowned HR consultancies, topics that are currently moving the industry were also identified. In addition, the social media activity on LinkedIn of the top HR consultancies, the media response as well as the websites of the consultancies were examined.

This award makes us very proud and we want to thank the whole team for its commitment and passion making this possible!