Talent Acquisition

During the past two years the RSVP Group has conducted over 400 Executive Search projects. A significant number were for Senior Executives in R&D, Product Development, Operations and Commercial as well as Corporate functions. With our additional

Board Services, we support our clients in finding non-executive directors; e.g., for advisory and supervisory boards. Besides carrying out search assignments, we also offer market mappings: providing our clients with detailed insights into their target markets.

Our process

We have subdivided our hiring process into six stages:

Search Strategy


Search Strategy
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Definition of position profile
  • Determination of recruitment strategy and target markets

Candidate Recruitment


Candidate Recruitment
  • Identification and initial contact of relevant candidates
  • Presentation of a candidate long list

Candidate Assessment


Candidate Assessment
  • Behavior-based interviews
  • Candidate appraisals
  • Presentation of candidate short list

Selection of finalist


Selection of finalist
  • Interviews with the client
  • Selection of final candidate
  • Ensure a portfolio of backup candidates

Offer Negotation


Offer Negotation
  • Support of contract offer
  • Specific reference and background checks

New Hire


New Hire
  • Onboarding and integration support
  • Proper feedback to rejected candidates
  • Outreach to new hire after start date to ensure proper integration

Market Mapping

In order to help our clients get a better understanding of their competitors’ landscape, we offer market intelligence via market mappings. These mappings give detailed insights of company structures, market approaches, team sizes, etc. that enable our clients to make better decisions regarding their business strategy. Within Talent Acquisition, market mappings represent a stand-alone service but, of course, can also be combined with a search assignment. In a Market Mapping process we:

  • Define clear objectives of project: company structure, targeted companies, regional scope, salary benchmarks, candidate availability
  • Deliver transparency on goal within 4-8 weeks, depending on complexity of assignment
  • Reduce uncertainties via detailed market data
  • Communicate consistently with client throughout process
  • Present final results, including written report, personally
  • Recommend appropriate actions and requisite consultancy for follow-up based on results

We have conducted
Hundreds of mappings in our Market Segments
with a regional or global scope


Board Services

We assist our clients in staffing their non-executive director boards — advisory boards, supervisory boards or scientific advisory boards — by which they in turn are able to enhance their company’s impact and gain expertise from outside of their relevant markets.


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Talent Acquisition

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