Talent Development

With our services in Talent Development, we support our clients in identifying, securing and developing the potential of their current and future employees. Our Onboarding services provide new employees with a good start. By identifying their particular talents/skills and needs via Management Diagnostics

and Potential Analysis we help the company foster the strengths of their new hires. While working on specific topics/development areas with targeted coaching we support our clients with employee retention, effective assignment of tasks and roles as well as long-term succession planning.

Conception & Preparation


Conception & Preparation
  • Briefing and project scope: including objectives and output requirements
  • Setup of project plan and organization
  • Customization, conceptual framework and definition of methodology
  • Candidate communication and logistics

Appraisals & Report


Appraisals & Report
  • Management appraisal consisting of modular, competency-based biographic interview; optional elements available
  • Calibration and evaluation of results
  • Reports and findings on individual managers: including strengths, development needs and further potential

Presentation & Feedback


Presentation & Feedback
  • RSVP presentation of findings and recommendations to senior management
  • Discussion of results and joint definition of priorities, measures and development plans
  • Feedback to candidates by written report and oral feedback by RSVP consultants

Implementation & Follow-up


Implementation & Follow-up
  • Internal discussion of potential, measures and development needs
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of development measures

Management Diagnostics & Audits

Our Management Diagnostics support our clients’ most important personnel decisions and help them select the right people for key positions. Assessing future, required management competencies and employees’ flexibility and change readiness is crucial; e.g., especially in the course of post-merger integration and

large-scale change processes. Knowing and managing the strengths, weaknesses and personal specifics of employees enables the creation of teams with complementary capabilities and ensures the sustainable, effective collaboration of teams and divisions in a changing market environment.


Potential analysis

The prognosis of an employee’s future developmental potential enables decisions relevant to his/her fit in terms of a defined task or environment. It provides greater clarity regarding individual career steps and paths. Identifying and fostering the development of hidden talents leads to sustained motivation and commitment of performers and potential performers, helps optimize team structures and ensures effective succession planning.

We have conducted
thousands of individual management audits
on a global basis


We offer Coaching to support our clients focusing on their employees’ development fields, to avoid over and under-challenging work and to prepare them for specific new tasks and roles such as a first or an extended leadership responsibility.

Coaching helps employees increase their individual resilience by strengthening their capacity for self-monitoring and developing effective conflict and stress management strategies. Furthermore, coaching enables employees to positively deal with change and maintain their productivity while leading others through turbulent times.

Lorenz M

„My interactions with RSVP....”

over many years have been truly superb. I have been working with them in both possible roles, i.e. as an employer looking for new talent and as a private person being offered very attractive positions elsewhere. I can confirm that the RSVP team works very professionally, is very knowledgeable and has always done a terrific job. I can strongly recommend them for other clients looking for professional talent search and recruiting of new people. I have been particularly pleased by working with PD Dr. Gillian Busch over the last 10 years


Onboarding Services

Our Onboarding Services support the orientation and integration of new employees in our clients’ organizations. Tailored orientation plans, individual measures to foster social integration, mutual expectation management and continuous

communication help shorten the time-to-productivity of new employees. By reducing friction and conflict during the orientation phase, both job satisfaction and emotional commitment to the new organization and team is ensured.


We look forward to hearing from you and are available if you would like further information about the RSVP Group and our services.